SHIVANI BEAUTY is an exclusive lifestyle, modern luxury makeup beauty Brand. We believe in addressing your complexion concerns while covering up imperfections and playing up your best features. Our ingredients channel the nourishing power of nature through the fusion of botanical regimens and present trends and technologies to provide easy and effective beauty solutions. We bring you the best of nature through our purest and most nurturing products without toxins or harmful chemicals.

Shivani's passion for makeup -skin care is derived from her rich cultural and Ayurvedic heritage from India. Known for its ancient, traditional, and herbal secrets, skincare is an inherent part of her Heritage. Her quest to find products began when she needed to treat her own skin issues such as combo-sensitive skin, oily in the T-zone, freckles, and as the time passed anti-aging issues came along as well and hot temperatures, tanning, freckles, and sun damage was part of growing up. After trying numerous products, and still not satisfied with the results, she started researching for the effective potent ingredients that promised immediate results for that perfect selfie or a nice no makeup instant-glow.